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Xie’s Jingtang Herbal Rehmannia 11

Rehmannia is thought to nourish the yin, the qualities of which include coolness, dampness, and a downward direction. The Rehmannia root is dark brown in colour, and with its high viscosity, it was once thought to be ideal for settling the qi and drawing it downwards, so that it can flow properly throughout the body. Its original uses ranged from healing broken bones, removing blood impurities, and encouraging muscle growth, to treating fevers. Additionally, it was considered as a tonic for the liver and kidneys—not necessarily the actual organ systems, but the ancient Chinese concept of these systems and their role in aging, building strength, and their interconnectivity with other parts of the body.

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TCVM Indications

  • Kidney Yin Deficiency Qi / Yang Deficiency
  • Tia Xiao
  • PU/PD
  • Impotence
  • Cold-Seeking
  • Weakness of back and knees
  • Urination immediately after drinking
  • Tongue : Pale with White Coating
  • Pulse : Deep, Thready and Weak

Ingredients and Actions

Latin NameIngredientAction
AstragalusHuang QiTonify Qi
CinnamonRou GuiWarm and tonify Kidney Yang
RehmanniaShu Di HuangNourish Kidney Jing and Yin
DioscoreaShan YaoTonify Qi
CornusShan Zhu YuNourish Yin
MoutanMu Tan PiCool Blood
PeoriaFu LingDrain Damp, Strengthen Spleen
PoriaFu LingDrain Damp
RufusFu Pen ZiAstringently consolidate
RosaJin Ying ZiAstringently consolidate
MantidsSang Piao XiaoAstringently consolidate

Chinese Principles of Treatment : Tonify Qi, nourish Yin, astringently consolidate kidney

Contraindications : None
Dosage Dogs/Cats : 0.5g per 10 to 20 lbs of body weight twice daily

3.2/5 (39 Reviews)
3.2/5 (24 Reviews)
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