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RA HEALING CENTRE exists to bring in alternative support therapies for animals here in Singapore. We are the first pet centre that is a full fledged animal rehabilitation centre with practitioners trained by University of Tennessee.

In 2016, we had a first hand encounter on how Singapore pet owners with senior pets needing more help for their dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis, IVDD and other medical conditions related to aging.

The only options available in Singapore were Veterinarian medical care that consist mainly of surgeries, NSAID and pain management drugs. We had a husky that needed more than that.

After visiting Youtube and learning from the experience of Veterinarians majoring in canine rehabilitation, our husky started walking. We knew immediately that Singapore is lacked of rehabilitation and physiotherapy care for our pets.

We immediately assembled a team of experienced veterinarian nurses and send them over to University of Tennessee to be trained as CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners) and invited the top Canine Hydrotherapy trainers to Singapore to train the remaining team.

Embracing the world’s best and top complementary medical devices and our trainned therapist, we started Singapore first and only full canine rehabilitation centre.



RA HEALING CENTRE is Singapore’s first full-fledged animal rehabilitation centre. With our team of well-trained and experienced practitioners, and comprehensive facilities offering the widest range of physical therapy, we aim to provide your pets with complementary support therapies that enable them to live a pain free and good quality of life.

ra healing centre singapore jojo and sakura


“We had a husky..her name was Jojo.”

In 2014, an abandoned 9 year old husky named Jojo came to RA’s founders unexpectedly. She was immobile, had lost control of her motions, suffered severe muscle atrophy and experienced spinal pain. She was angry at life, angry at being abandoned, angry at herself for her helplessness for she was a proud husky and she was in severe pain. Therefore, she bites. While under foster care, the best orthopaedic veterinary surgeons in Singapore were consulted and various complementary therapies were suggested and explored for her.

Even though each therapy brought about some improvements, she continued to suffer from existing conditions such as pain from osteoarthritis, spinal compression and muscle atrophy.

After much research, RA founders realised that Jojo and many other senior pets like her, needed more than what Singapore veterinary care and support therapies was able to offer at that point.

Rehabilitation had already a 30 years history in Europe and the US but was almost unheard of in Singapore. With this, RA’s founders decided to set up Singapore first full-fledged animal rehabilitation centre.

ra healing centre singapore jojo and sakura


Always loving you our beautiful baby, Mum and Dad

ra healing centre singapore jojo and sakura
ra healing centre singapore jojo and sakura
ra healing centre singapore jojo and sakura

Why RA Healing and not Jojo Healing

“ Our centre is so named to commemorate our very sweet daughter, a shiba inu named Sakura.” From RA’s founders.

Besides physiotherapy, RA’s founders have special interest in canine cancer because of 2 previous furkids, Jill and Sakura who had battled cancer and finally passed away.

One was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, the number 1 canine cancer and the other one suffered from Lymphoma. Knowing how mentally exhausting it was to deal with cancer, RA leverages on our previous experience and research to act as a cancer support group to owners of pets with cancer.

In ancient Egypt, Ra also means the sun. We wish, like the sun, our centre, Ra Healing, will shine on every pet and bring happiness and sense of well being to them.

ra healing centre singapore jojo and sakura

Will we get to meet Jojo


Despite her condition, Jojo was no longer biting and had turned out to be an extremely sweet husky who loved to whine and play with her adoptive owners, RA’s founders. Unfortunately, you will not get to see her as Jojo passed away in 2016, just 1 week before the centre’s facilities were ready. It was heartbreaking for paw parents. However, RA’s founders wish that RA Healing Centre would bring a ray of hope to all animals and pet owners and that if only we believe and love, we would be able to achieve.



singapore first and only dog cat canine rehabilitation physiotherapy centre


To provide all animals and pets a second chance at living without pain, minimal medication and living well.

Karen Quek

Karen Quek

Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, Certified Hydrotherapist

Karen was trained as a CCRP, Canine Rehab Practitioner by the University of Tennessee, one of the most renowned institutions in providing Animal Rehabilitation education. Only veterinarians, physiotherapists, veterinary nurses and technicians are eligible for this course. With 6 years of experience as a veterinary technician assisting one of the pioneering vets in Singapore in his consultations, diagnostic procedures and surgeries, she was fortunate to be exposed to a wide variety of medical conditions. She also assisted in many complicated surgeries including orthopaedic surgeries. It was during her stint as a veterinary technician that she become more interested in orthopaedic conditions and what could be done pre and post surgery to help animals recover faster. Karen now functions as RA’s chief therapist in conducting patient’s neurological and orthopaedic evaluations, designing and evaluating rehabilitation programmes.

Christopher Weng

Christopher Weng

Manager, Certified Hydrotherapist

Christopher is a Certified Hydrotherapist trained by Grayfrairs Rehab and Hydrotherapy Centres. Chris holds a degree in business management but his extensive knowledge in veterinary medication and supplements, having previously been in charge of the pharmacy at one of the most well equipped veterinary clinic in Singapore, adds value to its work. It was during his time in the clinic that he decided he wanted more hands-on experience with animals.

Lim Xi Yun

Certified Hydrotherapist

Xi Yun or affectionately known as XY to her colleagues and clients, holds a diploma in biomedical science and has 2 years of experience as a vet nurse in a vet clinic. She is also currently pursuing her degree and hopes to eventually transfer her knowledge of animal rehab to exotic animals in the zoo or the wild. XY is also a Certified Hydrotherapist trained by Grayfrairs Rehab and Hydrotherapy Centres

Dacie Chia

Therapy Assistant

Dacie has always been surrounded by animals since she was as young as 5 years old. Not surprisingly, after her Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science, she started working as a veterinary nurse. Her experience in dog handling made her a good assistant to the therapists when help is needed to stablise or secure animals for therapies to be conducted safely. Her calm and firm disposition places animals at ease easily. She is intending to pursue her degree in veterinary science in the near future.

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