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In Singapore, we have many vet facilities with various capabilities located in various parts of the sunny island-city. It all boils down to finding a veterinarian that YOU feel comfortable with.

RA Healing Centre will work with your PREFERRED CHOICE OF VET. We are NOT against any vets & will work hand in hand to achieve the best results for your pets

Veterinarians diagnose medical conditions but WE DONT. As such, the vets would be the best subject matter expert if your pet is feeling unwell or requires surgery for any medical conditions. 

We improve your pet’s QUALITY OF LIFE & MOBILITY. However, make sure that you consult with your preferred vet and NEVER STOP any forms of treatments with your Veterinarian.


RA Healing Centre is Singapore’s First Fully Equipped Integrated Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Facility established since 2016. We make use of various modalities such as Therapeutic Exercises, Electro Muscular Stimulation, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) / Cold Laser, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), Land Treadmill, Water (Hydro) Treadmill, Indoor Heated Salt Water Pool.

Always ask your vet when in doubt. If you are not sure on any aspects of your pet’s condition, always ask your preferred vet. If you think it requires immediate medical attention, always head over to any veterinary centre in Singapore.

What we do at Singapore’s Trusted Integrated Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy for Pets – Ra Healing Centre, is to compliment the vets – working hand in hand. We believe in a Multi Discipline Approach.

Will you work with my vet?

We believe that the best treatment for your pet will be to give them the fullest range of treatment techniques (conventional and alternative) and to prevent future health problems. Remember, DONT RUSH into making a decision – always consult your vets! Fret not! we will work with any vets.

There’s always Google to start with.

Why Ra Healing Centre?

Ra Healing Centre is established since 2016, we are the First Fully Equipped Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Facility in Singapore. Our RA Team is led by a Qualified Rehabilitation Veterinarian, Dr. Sara Lam [BVSc (Sydney), CCRT (U.S.), CVA]

    Professional | Dedicated | Committed – The RA Team

    The RA Team consists of a group of highly dedicated & professional team members. We work towards improving the overall quality of life and increased mobility functions of your pet. Our pet is just like our next of kin & family member – its not just a PET.

    We aspire to SET THE STANDARDS by having a highly dynamic and dedicated RA TEAM that is dedicated and always committed to deliver through results. We will work with your choice of vets. We are wholesome!
    – Management of RA Healing Centre

    There is no individuals in our dictionary – not me, not you and certainly not just Ra Healing Centre! The team must include your preferred veterinarian professionals!


    Beyond Care. Its OUR PASSION.

    Ra Healing Centre works beyond our duty of care. Our RA Team is always overflowing with passion. The reason to our satisfaction – The Well Being of your pets.

    Book your pet’s appointment or enquire more by calling 62916881 or by sending a WhatsApp message to 8798 7554 now!

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